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and I pinky promise you that I've got your back.

You want photography that will outlive you and make you FEEL things. I've got experience in that.
You've got so many questions about this whole wedding photography thing and I've got so many answers.
You might feel awkward in front of a camera, but joke's on you, 'cause I'm pretty dorky and feel awkward every day of my life, so... 
You just want to have a good time and feel stress-free at your wedding, and I am ALL about that.

If that resonates with you, then go ahead and swipe right, because we're a match.
(See? Dork.) 

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 Photo by: Morgan Pirkle

Photo by: Morgan Pirkle

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And I'm a Disney lovin', animal huggin', earth explorin' kind of girl.

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"I get so awkward in front of the camera but her gentle and unobtrusive guidance made me feel so relaxed. Now I have photos of myself which I love, and that's saying a lot."

Ana & Zoran

"It was our first time doing any kind of professional photography so we were super awkward and nervous at first; however, Jessie made us feel comfortable immediately. She is so down to earth, attentive, and talented!" 

Ashley & Caleb

"Not only did she go above and beyond with us, but our family as well. I couldn't imagine any other photographer that could have captured our special day the way she did. She was able to capture every special moment without being noticed at times!"

Jamie & Monty


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