The First Look - What is it and should you do it?


The First Look has become a staple to the modern wedding day for many couples, but there are some who've never even heard of it, or don't quite understand it. So what is it, exactly, and why are so many people doing it nowadays?

The First Look is when you and your partner see each other for the first time BEFORE the actual ceremony. Typically this happens in a more private environment without any bystanders so that you two can have an intimate moment between just the two of you. Some people think this is absolutely crazy, and that's totally cool! Others are in love with the idea, and here are five reasons why:


Bride & Groom First Look Los Angeles Wedding

This may very well be the ONLY time during your wedding day where it's just you two.

Think about it - for a traditional ceremony, you will be getting ready in separate rooms all morning. When you finally see each other during the ceremony, you don't really get to speak to each other or embrace the moment too much because once you meet each other at the alter, the ceremony begins. After that, you move straight into family/wedding party portraits, then reception for the rest of the night. You'll get a little bit of time together for the couple portraits, but there will still be some distractions since we'll be trying to nail all the shots down in time to get you back for the party. 

But with a first look - there's no rush. I'm off hiding in a corner secretly snapping away, giving you  space while you two get to truly embrace everything that day entails for you. Time gets to slow down in this instance and you get to feel everything at once. It's pretty emotional but in the best way possible! (This is especially great for any introverts or people who don't like being the center of attention.)


Bride & Groom First Look Los Angeles Wedding

Many of my couples who choose to do a first look say they feel SUCH a sense of relief when it's over because they no longer feel tense or nervous! They get it done and out of the way in the first half of the day, so come ceremony, they're more ready than ever to do the damn thing and get married!



Bride & Groom First Look Los Angeles Wedding

Surprisingly, a first look makes the timeline a little easier to manage because you get to do family portraits BEFORE the ceremony since you've already seen each other! This helps keep the pressure off trying to cram everything within the hour after ceremony!




A timeline scheduled with a first look actually gives you MORE time for couple's portraits! You get some right after the first look (typically 10-15 minutes) AND you'll get more time for just the two of you after ceremony. 




Some people think if you see each other for the first look, seeing each other as you walk down the aisle won't have the same impact. Or that the first look won't be as emotionally impactful as the aisle.
Guess what? Not true.
I've seen grooms break down even harder during the ceremony than they did their first look. I've seen couples tear up for both the first look and the ceremony. It really just depends on the couple! Everyone is different and processes things their own way. But I don't think the first look spoils anything. :) 

Whether you decide to do a first look is COMPLETELY up to you! There's no pressure to do this at all. If you've always imagined the first time you see your partner would be at the alter, go for it. I just wanted to share some of the pros that come with doing a first look!