LGBT Engagement Photography

Get in the Zone!
So first and foremost, the most important thing to me is that you two are mentally and emotionally prepped for this experience! I don't want you to feel stressed about wardrobe, traffic, or the fact that you're about to be in front of a camera. I don't even want you to feel like it's a photo shoot. Think of it as a date and I'm just the weird third wheel with a camera! ;) 
Here's what I want you to do:
Pack & plan everything - outfits, travel, snacks, etc. - BEFORE the day of the session. I want you to treat the entire day like it's your anniversary. Make it special! Have breakfast in bed, share your favorite memories with each other, go on a walk in the park - whatever keeps you two focused on each other. The less distractions you have, the less stressed you'll be, which means you'll only feel more comfortable and connected with each other during the session.
Bonus: Write each other a short letter listing out a couple reasons why you love each other and why you can't wait to get married, and don't share it with each other until the session! :) 


Sunscreen & Bugspray
Here in sunny California, even in the heart of December you can't dodge a sun burn. Sun screen is hands down the most important thing you can bring on your shoot to help protect your skin! Bug spray doesn't hurt either, especially during the summer months near creeks and ponds! (Trust me, you will thank me later.)

Bottled Water & Snacks
We end up doing a lot of walking (and sometimes hiking) on these shoots, so it's important to stay hydrated and fed. Bring some water and a protein bar or dried fruit to snack on throughout the shoot to keep your energy levels up!

Comfortable Shoes for Walking & Hiking
If you plan to wear heels or dress shoes during the shoot, then definitely bring a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. (Again, you'll thank me later.)

Your Favorite Playlist
I carry a clip on bluetooth speaker with me to all my shoots to help lighten the mood. If you two have a Spotify playlist that is special to you, send me a link or bring it along to your shoot and we can all jam out together!

A lightweight bag to carry everything!
Obviously I don't want you having to carry all of these things around, so toss them in a bag that way everything is in one place and we can easily set it on the ground when the camera is on you.



I know you're probably stressing about what to wear for your photo shoot right now, but don't worry! I'm here to help you! You don't have to go on a shopping spree to prep for your shoot. Chances are, everything you need is already in your closet! 

Below are my suggestions for outfits that I personally feel work great for my style of shooting, lighting, and editing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!
(Feel free to text me pictures of what you're planning on wearing!

I'm happy to walk you through the process!)



Muted, neutral, pastel, and earth tones photograph the best here in sunny California, and all work great with my style of color processing. Powder blues, blush pinks, sage greens, and muted lavenders paired with grays, tans and ivories/whites work the best. The beautiful scenery of SoCal has a very pastel color palette, so it's best for your outfits to compliment your surroundings!

Avoid putting everyone in matching outfits. Instead, pick a soft color palette and implement the tones in everyone’s outfits. It’s great to take a patterned look and pull the colors from there, as shown below. Mix and match patterns, flip flop contrast. (One subject wears dark on top and light on bottom, another wears light on top and dark on bottom.)

Need some inspiration? Check out some of my favorite color combos on my Pinterest board!



  • Spring and summer call for tones like pastel pinks and blues, sage greens, etc.
  • Avoid bold colors like fire engine red or neon green and yellow! While fun and poppy, these colors won’t work well with my style of lighting and editing. Remember, think soft and pastel!
  • Wear lightweight fabrics! Don't forget how hot California summers can be!
Beach Engagement Photography
Mountain Engagement Photography


  • Fall and winter definitely call for some cozy colors. Forest greens, dark blues, maroons, mustard yellows, and flannel prints!
  • Layers layers layers! Adding scarves, cardigans, boots, jackets, and hats can add some dimension to your outfit!
  • Textures are a must. Knitted tops, wool jackets, cable knit sweaters all work in your favor!


    Los Angeles Wedding Photography

    Who doesn’t love to wear black on black on black? It’s everyone’s go-to for their everyday outfit! The thing about black is it doesn’t always photograph that well because it’s prone to getting lost in shadows and losing detail. If you’re just not into wearing color, below are the Do’s and Don’t of wearing black!


      • Don’t wear loose fabrics when it comes to black, otherwise we won’t know where your arms and legs begin! Instead, wear something form fitting so your frame doesn’t get lost in the fabric!
      • Don’t wear a black top with black pants. Not only is this boring, but we risk losing details and textures in your photos!


      • Do add Contrast! Adding a simple white undershirt or pairing black jeans with a patterned shirt is the perfect way to break apart your outfit and make it stand out! You can use stripes, plaid, checkers, etc to help add volume to your outfit!
      • Do pair lighter grays and whites (or other muted colors) with black to add depth and layers to your outfit!



      If you decide you want to do your shoot in your home, the best thing to wear is something comfy and cozy! Usually for this, I prefer to go with softer neutrals like ivories, whites, and beiges, and maybe a pair of blue/gray jeans. You could honestly even wear your pajamas if you wanted to! As long as the colors and patterns aren't too busy and distracting!


      What to wear for your engagement session


      • Button Ups (long sleeved preferred)

      • Blue, gray, and/or black denim 

      • V-Necks

      • Sweaters

      • Suspenders/belts

      • Rolled up sleeves

      • Brown, gray, black boots/sneakers

      • Henley shirts

      • Floral, stripes, plaid, flannel, aztec

      • Vests

      • Hats


      • Polos & shirts with graphic or logos

      • Over sized Dwight Schrute short sleeve button ups (go for something more fitted!)

      • Crew-neck or plain white Hanes shirts

      • Bright/neon shoes

      • Sweatpants

      • Cargo shorts/pants

      • Shorts (pants preferred)


      • Blouses, rompers, and jumpsuits

      • Blue, gray and/or black denim bottoms

      • Flowy Chiffon (blouse, dress, skirt)

      • V-Necks, boat necks, & v-backs

      • Sweaters & Cardigans

      • Infinite scarves 

      • Maxi dresses and skirts

      • Boots, sneakers and wedges

      • Lace, crochet, boho inspired

      • Floral, stripes, plaid, flannel, aztec

      • Accessories (jewelry, hats, head crowns)


      • Bright/neon bra straps

      • Bright/neon shoes 

      • Shirts with graphic or logos

      • Transparent clothing (unless its deliberate)

      • Spray tan (affects skin tones in editing)

      • Anything you don't LOVE!

      • Anything you don't feel comfortable in!


      Aside from wardrobe, there are other ways to prepare for your shoot that can make the process a lot more comfortable and fun! 
      Here are a few things I recommend you bring to your shoot: