H E Y   H E Y !   I ' M   J E S S I E .

Three hyphenated words to describe me: laid-back, delightfully-quirky, and sweet-as-pie.

When I'm not exploring this awesome, giant rock we call home, you can usually find me reading a personal development book on our front porch while my ultra-super-rad husband, Gus, waters our garden and our dog barks at everyone who walks by. (PS. If you're wondering what's up with all the "Swipe Right" jokes, it's because I met my husband on Tinder.)

OR you can find me doodling cute little illustrations in my sketchbook while on the couch binge-watching a TV show that I've already seen 100 times (*cough*TheOffice*cough*).


    Photo by Morgan Pirkle

    Photo by Morgan Pirkle

    W H Y   I   D O   W H A T   I   D O : 

    I've been passionate about photography since age 12 and fell in love with working with couples after I got engaged myself. The most exciting time of my life was getting to say "I Do" to my favorite person ever, so it's a pretty rad thing to be able to record that moment for you.


    A   N O T E    F O R    T H E   
    C A M E R A    S H Y    F O L K S :

     I am weird, introverted, and awkward. 
    I laugh loudly, subtle jokes go right over my head,
    and I will trip over my words during our shoot.
    You know when you're thinking of the words "Pretty" and "Beautiful" so you accidentally say "Britty" or "Peautiful"? That's me. 100%.

    What I'm trying to say is, I am 10 times more likely to make a fool out of myself than you, so it's all good. 



    To make a long story short, we nearly drove off a cliff after our brakes failed during our road trip up to Seattle for
    our nuptials and got stranded with our broken car, trailer, & pets in a small town days before our wedding.

    We were saved by social media with the help of a handful of celebrities who tweeted our story. 
    It caught the attention of Audi and they lent us a brand new Audi Q7 to help get us to our wedding just in time.
    (Whaat? I know. We still can't believe it.)

    You can read about ALL the details on our blog.

    boots grunge 2.png